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Ecommerce vs. bricknmortar – guess who is the dying dinosaur?

ecommerce vs. bricknmortar
Ecommerce vs. Bricknmortar – reminds one of the old Gomorrah vs. Godzilla battle.  Consequently, one always prevails after a lengthy battle. The battle is pretty much over. Prior to the pandemic, retailers were losing their shirts to online sales and the migration of our species to shop online. During the…

Ecommerce growth exceeds expectations!

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ecommerce growth
Ecommerce growth has continued its climb in the U.S. marketplace from $571 billion in 2019 to $815.4 billion in 2020 according to numbers cited by the   Brick n mortar retailers have been adjusting to an ever changing global migration from shopping in-store to shopping online.  And the pandemic did…

Payday failure for the middle class?

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paycheck worries
Payday failure for a majority of the nation is a real thing in today’s workplace. What do we mean by that strong statement? James Livingston, a historian at Rutgers University in New Jersey was quoted in a August 2022 Popular Science magazine article titled, The End of Labor.  He said,…