Custom built website

Need a Custom built website?

A custom built website by ProEcommerce is #1!

  • Want a custom built website built from the ground up?
  • Have a great idea for an online store selling products or services?

Certainly, we should talk!  We can offer you some great insights on what to consider and what to avoid.

The internet has many custom built websites that are built incorrectly and ineffective.  Accordingly, we want to help you side-step that mess.

With proper planning you can launch your custom built website that performs.  CONTACT US to start the conversation!

Your Big Idea

Have a great idea? Certainly, let’s explore it!

Plan and build

ProEcommece suggests planning and then executing on the plan on a schedule!

Our Custom built website includes:

Discovery meeting

ProEcommerce starts with a discovery meeting.  Basically, we want to talk your idea, discuss points and make a plan for the next steps if its decided a good idea!

Domain name(s)

We walk through domain name discussions and considerations as well as security and depth of use on the internet.  If you have a domain name, great. Otherwise, we help you register a powerful domain name.


Next, we work on storyboarding the entire idea of the site, what do we want it to do?   Chiefly, our design team and programmers discuss the plan step by step.

Milestone Build mockup

We start by building the framework of the website.  Afterward, we add the necessary plug-ins, functions, code and shopping cart as necessary.

Graphics and skin

Next, we incorporate the design elements, color flow and overall look of the site and navigation.

Content and coding

Here, we work through the content population and custom coding necessary to meet the storyboarding layout and processes.

Walkthru & testing

Later, but throughout the build stages, we do walkthrus and testings of functions and features.  Not only from the store-owner’s point of view, but a vistor’s.


Here, we layout the steps to launch, wrap up the final items and work a full review with you and your team.

Coach & train

Since you need our eyes of 28 years of experience, this is what makes our service level 100% different.  Here, we offer training and support the rest of your online life!

Get started today!  CONTACT US to start the conversation!