Enterprise Solutions

ProEcommerce Strategic Enterprise Consulting (PSEC) provides expert strategic analysis and consulting for organizations ready to achieve that competitive edge.  Additionally, we work with select organizations motivated to WIN more business and achieve PEAK PERFORMANCE in the eCommerce space.

Select strategic enterprises are invited to work closely with our founder and our team of business and online marketing professionals.

Our Enterprise services:

Dependent on the needs of your enterprise, we offer:

-Speaking engagements or one-on-one training,

-Remote or in person review and consulting,

-Deep analysis of eCommerce effectiveness,

Penetration testing and security analysis.

Review of current technologies and options

With an outside perspective, our ProE team will review the technologies used by your enterprise for efficiency and vulnerabilities.  So, we work closely with your team to pinpoint the desired results.  Next, we analyze current and powerful technologies to bolster your effectiveness at each stage of the business process.

Comprehensive Strategy workup

We can dig deep or keep the review topical.   Above all, our goal is to help you meet your goals at all aspects of the technological phase.

Interested in partnering with ProEcommerce Enterprise Solutions?

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Case Study 1 - Ecommerce website selling Chinese lanterns

A very active eCommerce store came to us to expand their footprint in the online space.  Certainly, the were successfully selling mid-five figures net profit online but wanted a review to better their processes.

In short, our ProE Solutions team helped them benchmark and correct:

  • Color scheme changes to their core site
  • Page speeds and bottlenecks
  • Calls to action
  • Deeper analytics of traffic flows
  • Keyword density vs. competitor datasets
  • Shopping cart limitations and considerations

Case Study 2 - Datafeed service

A leader in the datafeed management service partnered with ProEcommerce to better their business model, systems and security.

Together, we analyzed the current processes, interviewed team members and planned and then executed:

  • Migrated solutions to advanced AWS technologies
  • Implemented military grade security, logging and reporting
  • Built AWS Connect phone systems for support and sales team
  • Implemented AI engines to analyze processes and serve info sets
  • Optimized their processes by over 167%
  •  In conclusion, ProEcommerce helped reduce annual technology and personnel costs by 44%.

Enterprise strategies and solutions

ProEcommerce team is not a budget consulting team, but we are one of the more experienced.

Most importantly, we don’t work with everyone!

That is to say, we only work with select organizations that are strategic thinking and looking to leverage experience into calculable performance.

To sum, if your enterprise wants an outside view from a professional eCommerce team to expand your depth of penetration online, your digital assets, contact us today.