Derek got his start in online in 1994, back when American Online started, selling computer parts and oddities on AOL Classifieds.  He realized back then that digital retail was the place to be, connecting buyers with sellers in a 24/7 convenient format.  For over two decades Derek has focused on the complexities of the online marketplace, the supporting technologies and the intellectual rigors required to keep up with an ever changing digital landscape.

Prior to his current role, Derek served in the U.S, Marine Corps, trained as a Corrections officer/Military police.  His military training and study of Standard Operating Procedures continue to influence his strategic business objectives to this day.

Derek did not earn a college degree, but instead took to the streets learning hands-on how to build and maintain dedicated Linux servers, and secure them.  In 28 years, his servers have never been hacked or compromised.  He continues to study the vast AWS technologies and receive certifications on server security practices of the day to maintain his military grade edge of operations.

Derek is an avid tech-influencer, keeping up with the technology and enjoying connecting others to a life of tech awareness and productivity.  He has five children and a wife of 30 years, his priority.  Technology is the second priority, but thankfully, technology has allowed him more time with his family!


His favorite quote:  On the plains of hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions, who at the dawn of victory sat down to rest, and in resting, died.