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Business Weeks says pet supplies is a $52 billion business unaffected by a down economy  The Wall Street Journal has a great article on Nestle finding consumers scaling back on everything BUT pet supplies.  Approximately 70 million homes have pets and the average American spends about 150 dollars every month on pet supplies.  People are shopping online 24/7, you cannot go wrong by getting into a broad-based business like pet supplies.

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Project Description

This website is loaded with close to 9,000 pet products in dog, cat, fish, reptile and small animal. Its professionally designed and very appealing, pet owners love the design and layout.  The margins are very high, when you sell $500 worth of product, your net profit is $250. 

Project Details

Project Participants

  • Art-Director: Alexander The Great
  • Designer: Pablo Picasso
  • Developer: Charles Darwin
  • Manager: Christopher Columbus